Trans and Gender Nonconforming Resources

Our understanding of how HIV works and how to fight it has greatly improved over the past several decades. With everything that has happened a lot of people don’t know what HIV looks like. Check out the links below to learn more about the state of the HIV epidemic.

HIV/AIDS Basics Everyone Should Know - Everything you ever wanted to know about HIV/AIDS

HIV: What’s Going On Inside Your Body

HIV Testing Service Locators - Click here to locate HIV Testing Sites in your area.

We Are Here: Trans Men and HIV - An article focusing on trans men in the HIV/AIDS movement.

Empowered Trans : Phoebe - A trans woman’s experiences with PrEP and having friends who contracted HIV.

Empowered Trans: Victory - Victory describes a friend’s account of being discriminated against in healthcare settings for being an HIV+ transperson. Victory also shares coming to accept herself as a trans woman.

Empowered: Trans Women and HIV : Check out some stories on trans women living with HIV. Join the Conversation!

At the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, many states passed reactionary laws that criminalized exposing someone to HIV. Although these laws are outdated and harmful in many ways, they still exist in many states. You can find out more information about the laws in your state in the links below.

The Center for HIV Law and Policy - A breakdown of HIV-specific laws in each state.

The Sero Project - An advocacy group that helps people fight against HIV criminalization

Just like there are so many ways to have sex, there are also so many ways to protect ourselves while doing it. Take a look at some awesome strategies to keep you safe while having fun!

Condoms are a must in your arsenal for safer sex. Lube can make sex even sexier! Check out the links below for info and places to get them!

Condoms USA - Here you can find all types of condoms and even get free condoms.

Guide to Sexual Lubricants( Video) - An in-depth video guide to lubes.

A Definitive Guide to the Best Personal Lube for Sex - Too many options? Get the scoop here!

One way to help protect HIV negative folks from getting HIV is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP. PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV negative individuals take anti-HIV medication daily to reduce their risk of infection if they are exposed to the virus. To find more information about PrEP, you can check out the links below.

What is PrEP? - An intro into what PrEP Does and how it works against HIV.

PrEP Facts - A website that explains what PrEP is, what it’s used for, and where you can get it.

PrEP Service Locator - Find out where to get PrEP in your area here.

Post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV negative people who have been recently exposed to the virus take anti-HIV medication for about a month to stop from becoming HIV positive. PEP has to be taken within three days (72 hours) of an exposure. You can find out more information in the following links.

What is PEP? - Find out about what to do if you are possibly exposed to HIV.

Emergency HIV Treatment - This links to a pamplet that tells you what PEP is, how to use it, when to use it, and where to get it.

HIV is just one kind of sexually transmitted infection (STI)—others include syphilis, hepatitis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. HIV and other STIs work hand-in-hand such that people with another STI are at higher risk for acquiring HIV. Sometimes people who have these other STIs do not show symptoms so getting tested is important, but the good news is that they are all very treatable. Check out the information below to learn everything you need to know about STIs and what you can do about them.

STI Basics - A web page that breaks down the basics of STIs.

Free Sexual Health Advice For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Trans Communities - A straight forward website dedicated to providing quality LGBTQ sexual health information.

STIs for Trans Men (Part 1: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphillis)

STIs for Trans Men (Part 2: Herpes, HIV, HIV/AIDS)

We know that Trans and gender nonconforming people deserve to have viable options for family planning. Unfortunately, the healthcare field has a ton of catching up to do when it comes to including trans/GNC people in reproductive health. Check out the links below to find out more information.

Guys need Pap Tests, too: A Trans Man’s Guide to Visiting the Gyno - Tips and information about what trans guys need to know about when visiting the gyno.

20 Things Transgender People Might Want To Know About Fertility - You may not be thinking of kids at all right now, but if you think you might ever want genetically related children, here are some things you may want to know.

Trans Birth - A directory created to connect trans and gender nonconforming people and their families to midwives, OBGYNs, and doulas who provide care.

Reproductive Options for Trans People - An in-depth fact sheet explaining reproductive options for trans people .

There's a lot of sex-related information out there, but often it's focused on the needs of straight men and women. Below are several resources that talk about how to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life specifically for trans and gender nonconforming people.

Safer Sex for Trans Bodies - This pamphlet provides information on safe sex and what that looks like for trans people.

Primed: A Sex Guide for Trans Men Into Men - A rather frank and simple guide to sex for queer trans men and their partners.

GRUNT website & PDF booklet - A great resource regarding sex for transmen and cisgender men.

Trans Sexuality - A Safe Sex Guide for trans people and their partners.

Gender Affirmation:The process of being or expressing yourself authentically. This may or may not include hormones, surgery, pronouns etc. Also known as “transitioning”.

We know that transitioning is a deeply personal, complex, and sometimes challenging experience. Check out these resources to aid you in your day-to-day life and in the long term.

8 Things Non-Binary People Need to Know - This is advice on navigating life beyond the binary of male and female.

Refuge Restrooms: Trans/GNC Friendly Bathrooms - Find Trans/GNC affirming bathrooms in your area.

Gender Pronouns: Trans 101 - This is a quick FAQ on pronouns and why they are important.

Genderqueer Identitiess - This website provides information about genderqueer identities, find new swag, and more.

Coming Out to Professors and Classmates - Are you enrolled in school and trans? Here’s a method to help with coming out to instructors at school.

Kat Blaque - My Coming out story internet celeb Kat Blaque shares her story on coming out as transgender.

Coming Out & Passing-Two young trans masculine people share their coming out stories and their thoughts on passing.

A Transgender Man’s Path to Freedom -Trans man Kingston Farady shares his path to freedom by deciding to live authentically.

Chris’s Coming Out Story - Chris shares his experience as a Caribbean black trans man.

I’m a Lesbian - Youtube blogger and transgender woman Gigi Gorgeous comes out as lesbian.

Transgender People Talk About Coming Out - A diverse group of trans and gender nonconforming people share their stories on coming out as transgender.

Julie Vu - Coming Out to Parents - Famous makeup guru and Youtube vlogger Julie describes sharing her truth to her parents and gives advice on coming out.

How to Tuck/ Making a Gaff - Guide to tucking  for trans women and drag queens.

How to stuff your Bra-Check out ways to enhance your bust line here.

So, You’re A Trans Woman Looking For A Bra - Tips on finding the right bra for you.

Bra Sizing Guide for Transgender Women - Have no clue what bra size you are? Check this out.

Nubian Skin - Nude colored underwear and lingerie for femmes of color.

5 Shopping Tips for Trans* Women - These are tips from finding shoes, make-up, and clothing choices.

Isy B. Shoes - An online database for people with larger feet (Size 10-16) and to help you find the right shoe for you.

FTM Resource Guide - This website gives you information on T, Packing, surgery, and more!

Binding - Quick video on smoothing out the chest area.

Binding-Quick video on smoothing out the chest area.

And here’s One for the Bigger Guys-Binding technique for those with large breasts.

How to Bind/DIY Chest Binder - Learn to make your own binder here.

How to bind safely - A how-to on creating the chest you want and doing it safely.

GC2B- Binders –Buy Binders - This store provides information and a variety of binders.

FTM Essentials- Packers - This website gives you the information you need to know about packing and to find the right one for you. Packers - This site gives you all you need to know about packing.

DapperQ -Transgressing Men’s Fashion - This blog provides styling and fashion inspiration for trans masculine people.

FTM Garage Sale - A marketplace for trans masculine people to buy and sell items like binders, packers, and more.

Planned Parenthood-Hormone Therapy Directory - Find out which Planned Parenthood in your area offers hormone replacement therapy, can explain how that impacts you, and what that means for your health.

Hormones: A guide for MTFs & FTMs - Learn what hormones are and what they do :

Trans Feminine

Trans Masculine

Transgender Care Listings: Surgery, Hormones, Therapy - This is a directory of surgical, medical, and mental health providers that specialize in trans care. There are also several locations that specialize in vocal coaching.

10 Things Transgender Persons Should Discuss with their Health Care Providers - This is a helpful guide to explain to you how to begin conversations around your health with your doctor.

RAD Remedy: Health Care Resources - This website can help you find healthcare providers who are trans/GNC friendly.

Trans Health Clinics- Counseling, Mental Health, HRT - You can find providers that specialize in counseling and mental health for trans patients.

Transgender Health Care - This website provides an overview of what you need to consider when thinking about healthcare options for trans care.

Transgender Affirming Policies - This website lists different Insurance companies who cover trans-related health services.

In our society, we often have so many things going on at once. Sometimes we can get so wrapped into doing for others that we forget about ourselves. Here are some cool resources that focuses on the many ways to re-charge and take care of yourself.

Everything Is Awful and I'm Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up - A list of things to consider when you are stressed and how you can manage it.

HOW TO SELF CARE?! - Laci Green - This is a crash course in self-care. Find out what self care means and how to start practicing here.

A Self-Care Revolution | Megan McCormick - This Communication Major talks about how self-care is a necessary and revolutionary act.

9 Self-Care Tips | Donalee Curtis - A popular Youtuber blogger shares 9 tips she practices to keep herself motivated and well.

Black Girl + Mental Health - A blog for all things related to black femmes and mental health.

9 Ways I Practice Self-Care as a Nonbinary Person - Ray describes their routine on how they stay mentally and emotionally well in this short but informative piece.

Faith and spirituality is a personal, yet important part of a lot of trans and gender nonconforming people’s lives. Here are some resources to help you connect with LGBTQ+ affirming faith groups and explore spiritual possibilities.

Affirming Church Directory - An online directory the helps people locate and visit welcoming Christian churches around the world. You can search by denomination as well.

A Trans/Faith Resource List - A short list of resources for the faith based trans person from organizations to books and media.

Queer Theology - A blog/website for Christian LGBTQ Identified people. It also has an online community you can join and connect with folks nationwide.

Transgender Muslim Support Network - Popular tumblr account that centers trans/GNC Muslims. You can ask questions to the admin and seek support privately.

Queer Ummah - This is a visability project-started by Detroit based activist Taylor Little. This project shares stories of the experiences of LGBTQ+ Muslims Nation-wide.

Faith Resources for Muslims - A cool list of resources that focuses on LGBTQ Muslims. It includes blogs, organizations, and initiatives that you can check out!

The Uniting Pride - A page that includes community resources for multiple faiths outside of Christainity.

Resources for Transgender Jews, Their Families, Friends, Communities, and Allies - This is guide that’s intended to aid transgender Jews, their families, friends, and communities in learning about issues related to being transgender and Jewish.

LGBT+ Jewish Resources - This is a tumblr post of organizations, literature and media on being LGBT and Jewish.

Stances of Faiths on LGBTQ Issues: Hinduism - This is an article that generally describes the Hindu faith and its beliefs around LGBT People.

Stances of Faiths on LGBTQ Issues: Buddhism - This a short post desrcibing Buddhism and their stance on LGBT people annd issues.

Trans* Buddhism - This is a website and blog that discusses practicing Buddhism as a transgender person.

Trans and Gender Nonconforming Student Resources - The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network’s resource page for trans students that includes readings on public policy and making your school more trans-inclusive.

Trans Student Educational Resources - Resources for trans/GNC students in school.

General Transgender Resources - Trans organizations, hotlines, and other programming centering trans/GNC people.

Trans Employment Program - Looking for tools to help you with job searching or need a referral? Check this out!

FAQ for Trans Job Seekers - Advice on being trans in the job market.

Employers with Transgender Friendly Policies - A nation-wide list of rated trans friendly employers.

Trans Employment Program - Looking for tools to help you with job searching or need a referral? Check this out!

FAQ for Trans Job Seekers - Advice on being trans in the job market.

Employers with Transgender Friendly Policies - A nation-wide list of rated trans friendly employers.

Narratives are powerful and each person has one! Trans/GNC voices need to be heard. Below are various collectives and organizations dedicated to supporting trans people and their development. See how you can use their services or get involved!

FTM Mentors - This is a private online community that provides support and mentorship opportunities for trans masculine people (FTMs).

Audre Lorde Project: Community Organizing - New York based LGBT organization that focuses on community orrganizing and political education to improve the lives of LGBT people.

Black Trans Advocacy - A black trans led organization that addresses violence on trans people of color through community outreach,education, and healing practice.

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement: Latinx communities - a National organization that addresses discrimination and advocates for undocumented Latin queer/trans people.

Trans Sistas of Color Project - A Detroit-based organization dedicated to impacting the lives of trans women of color through education and employment.

National Center for Transgender Equality - One of the largest trans-centered initiatives to end discrimination against trans people through policy change.

Trans Women of Color Collective - One of the first trans women of color led organizations that seeks to build leadership and empowerment for trans women of color nationally.

Black Transmen Incorporated - Black trans led organization that provides services for black trans masculine people through social advocacy and education on transitioning safely.

Take a look at some of these helpful links ranging from changing identification documents to housing, emergency services, and more.

Trans Lifeline: Crisis hotline -If you are severely depressed or feeling suicidal. Stop! Talk to someone here.

The Trevor Project: Support Center - Another resource for trans people who need emotional support from coming out, gender transition, homelessness, to mental health.

Sex Worker Outreach Project - A national network dedicated to addressing disparities among sex workers. Here are some legal resources that are sex worker friendly.

Sex Worker Outreach Project Safety - Here are some resources that discuss everything from screening clients to adult film work .

Transgender Law Center - Information and legal resources to aid with experiences with discrimination here.

Transgender Legal Services Network (See Network Members List) - List of different legal providers across the nation ranging from discrimination to name changes.

American Civil Liberties Union - This is a quick FAQ on trans people and how they fit within the law.

Sylvia Rivera Law Project (NYC) - This includes an intake form for legal services. Good for low-income trans people who need legal support in a vast amount of areas.

Transgender Prisoner Resources - This is great list of organizations and online resources for trans people who are incarcerated.

Black & Pink Prison Resource List - Short list of organizations that helps LGBT prisoners.

National Prisoner Resource List - This is an archive of resources for prisoners.

TGI Justice: Prison Justice - This organization that centers trans/GNC people who have been imprisoned.

Casa Ruby (D.C) - A Washington D.C-based community center for trans youth. They have housing options available as well.

Transgender housing Network - You can find ads for trans friendly housing at this website.

LGBT Homeless Youth Shelters and Residences - A small list of LGBT-friendly homeless shelters and transitional living spaces nationwide.

Trans Life Center Chicago - An extension of Chicago House which helps trans/GNC people with residential opportunities.

If you use needles or syringes for drugs, needle exchange programs are great free resource to help get rid of your old used needles in exchange for brand new, clean ones. Using clean syringes can greatly reduce the risk of acquiring HIV and other infections like hepatitis C. Find an exchange program near you in the link below.

North American Syringe Exchange Network - This website is a database for syringe and needle exchange programs. You can search by state.

OraQuick is the only FDA approved home-based HIV test in the United States and the one we provide to you in this study. It detects HIV by looking for your body's immune response to the virus or HIV antibodies. Since almost everyone develops HIV antibodies within 3 months of infection, OraQuick will accurately tell you about your HIV status 3 months from an event that could have put you at risk for infection. If you had any experiences that you feel could have exposed you to HIV within the past 3 months, the test may give you an inaccurate result. If that's the case, you will need to test again at least 3 months from the experience you're worried about to get the best understanding of your status. Watch the video below for more information about Oraquick and the testing process.